A Hard Day's Rut
A Hard Day's Rut

Directed by:

Dick Lester

Produced by:

Stanley Kubrick


The Rutles

Music by:

Ron Nasty

Dirk McQuickly

Distributed by:

Wanker Artists

Release date:

6 July 1964

Running time:

87 Minutes

22RUTLES1 SPAN-master1050

"I Must Be In Love" Scene (UK Version)


"I Must Be In Love" Scene (US Version)

A Hard Day's Rut is a 1964 black-and-white classic about the prefab four, Dirk, Nasty, Stig and Barry. Starring The Rutles and directed by Dick Lester.

The film was very successful in the box office, and in bed. The film was a great influence to numerous war films, the Goodies' television show , music videos, and lawsuits.


The Rutles embark from Rutland by train for a London TV show once they have escaped from their fans. They then decide to take a nap until they get to London. On arrival they're driven to a hotel where they're extremely bored and begin to do bizarre things like running up and down stairs, running through fields, and reading books. Barry feels a sudden melancholy urge to visit the zoo, and during a cinegraphic musical interlude he decides to live as an animal. The other Rutles, unaware of this, panic and look everywhere for him. He eventually returns and the concert goes as planned.


VHS and DVD ReleaseEdit

A Hard Day's Rut was released in 1984 on VHS and was released on DVD in 2000. 

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