Barry Wom


7 July 1940 Liverpool, England


Drummer, Singer, Songwriter, Rutle, Rootle

Years Active:


Asociated Acts:

The Rutles, Barry Wom and His So Fear Band, Nigel Pap

Sir Barry Wom, MBE born Barrington Womble, is an English musician who became famous as the drummer of The Rutles. He was also the first Rutle to release a solo album, entitled When You Find the Girl of Your Dreams in the Arms of some Scotsmen from Hull.

Barry was knighted in the 2018 New Years Honours List for his services to music and hairdressing.


Introduction into the groupEdit

Eighteen months after the forming of the Rutles, the group discovered Barrington Womble in the back of their van in Hamburg. They allowed him to join the group, on the condition he shortened his name to Barry Wom.


Barry has penned two songs whilst in the Rutles: "Living in Hope" on Ouch! and "Easy Listening" on Shabby Road. During his solo years he's amassed a huge number of songs, and the majority of them made a large dent on the charts.

After The Rutles Edit

Barry Wom has enjoyed great success as a businessman. He now owns two hair salons, and gives mop top haircuts to fans and customers alike every summer. 


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