Sir Dirk McQuickly CH MBE
Dirk McQuickly


29 March 1943

Years Active:


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The Rutles, Punk Floyd, Jeremy Paxman, Pelvis Costello, Rihanna


Martini (1969-1998)


Sir Dirk McQuickly CH MBE (born March 29, 1943) is an English singer, bassist, pianist, nose-picker, and founding member of The Rutles. He was called "the cute Rutle" and was the only Rutle not to complain about Rutlemania.

He also had a popular career in the 1970s with Punk Floyd, and a solo career in the following years.

In 1972, Punk Floyd decided to go on a spontaneous tour of British primary schools. They were very quickly arrested for supplying small children with acid. Dirk was quoted as saying 'We saw lots of children and 5 of them grew up illegal'.

Dirk McQuickly toured with The Punk Floyd until the early 80s before turning to a solo career. A short-lived friendship and collaboration with former child star/director Ron Howard soured after Howard bought the rights to all of The Rutles' movies, and in 2002 Dirk's troubles only worsened following his remarriage to a headless mannequin.

In 2013, in his first appearance in 8 years, Dirk McQucikly bought out the surviving members 90's Groan band, Shangri-La, for an encore of his show in Seattle's W.C. Fields.

Discography Edit


Punk Floyd


  • Dirk McQuickly's Rutland Oratorio (1991)
  • Standing Gnome (1997)
  • Working My Arse Off (1999)
  • Ecce Bore Meum (2007) 
  • Ocean's Eleven (2011)
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