For the Benefit of Mr. White is a song from the 1967 album by the RutlesSgt. Rutter's only Darts Club Band. It was primarily written and composed by Ron Nasty, although Dirk McQuickly claims that he also contributed to it. The song is credited to Nasty-McQuickly.


In January 1967 while filming a promotional video for W.C. Fields Forever, Nasty, under the influence of tea and biscuits, wandered away from the rest of the group. Lost and walking aimlessly through Kent (where the video was filmed) he came upon a beer garden. Inside was a poster for Oktoberfest from 1843 which read that the event would be "For the Benefit of Mr. White". Nasty quickly stole the poster and ran back to his hotel where he composed the song using the names of the people on the poster.

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