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"Imitation Song" is an album written and performed by English musician Ron Nasty. It was released in 1971. The album was quite stupidly named after the title track, because according to Nasty himself, "that makes it an imitation of an album. I have no idea what I'm talking about". For this reason, people have mistook the album as a 12", and were very disappointed after they played it at discothèques.

Imitation SongEdit

The song itself was written by Nasty-Hitler, and many of the song's lyrics come directly from Chastity's 1964 book Aubergine. It has since become an anti-bad things anthem, much like Nasty's other songs Give Peas A Chance and End Bad Things (if you want to).

In 2011, Nasty came out of retirement for ten minutes to release a 40th anniversary version of Imitation Song. He got bored again shortly afterwards because he didn't understand much of the technology which had been developed since he was last in retirement, so he went back into hiding. 
Imitation Song

The cover of the 40th anniversary version of Imitation Song single.


Nasty recording the 40th anniversary version.

Imitation Tracklisting for the imitation album "Imitation Song" Edit

Side One

  1. Imitation Song
  2. Rutled Inside 
  3. Jealous Goy
  4. It's Too Easy
  5. I Don't Want To Be A Teacher

Side Two

  1. Gimme Your Tooth
  2. Oh My Dandruff
  3. Fuck You Dirk!
  4. Cow?
  5. Oh Chastity!
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