6 August 1965


Recorded 15–19 February, 13 April, 10 May & 14–17 June 1965, EMI Studios, London







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Rutles For Sale (1964)

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Rutle Soul (1965)

Ouch! was the fifth album by The Rutles, released alongside their film of the same name. It contained multiple songs that had little to do with the film, but were more relations to the idea of making films and television.

Album coverEdit

On the album cover, the Rutles can be seen standing and signalling with their arms, trying to tell the photographer that he is so far away that they have to separate to fill the shot. However, the photographer thought they were signaling OUCH in semaphore, and felt this was such a great idea that he wrapped up the session after that one photograph.

The Rutles' arms weren't even close to spelling OUCH; in fact they were closer to spelling UNJX. To remedy the discrepancy, it was originally decided to change the titles and lyrics of the song, album, and film to match, but this decision was abandoned when it turned out that the group's accent made it difficult to pronounce the ending jx correctly.

Track listingEdit

  1. Ouch!
  2. The Day After
  3. You've Got To Hide Your Lunch Away
  4. I Feed You
  5. Another Rut
  6. Now She's Left You
  7. Ticket to Rut
  8. Dead Naturally
  9. It's Only Lunch
  10. I Don't Like You That Much
  11. Do You See What I See?
  12. I've Just Seen The Chase
  13. Left-Overs
  14. Dizzy Piss Lizard