Stig O' Hara
Stig; 1969


25 Febuary 1943 Liverpool, England


Singer, Songwriter, Rutle, Air Hostess

Years Active:


Associated Acts:

The Rutles, The Flames, Les Garçons de la Plage, Travelways Buslines,Mhani O'Hara , Air India

Stig O'Harold O'Hara was a founding member of The Rutles. He also had a popular solo career. Called "the quiet one", he was the thinnest of all the Rutles. In 1970, after The Rutles breakup, O'Hara started work at Air India as an Air Hostess.

In 1978, Stig had one son with his wife Gertrude Strange, Mhani O'Hara, who is also a musician.

Early Career Edit

Stig joined a band called "The Flames" at age 9. The group would go on to be produced by Claude Wilsoneaux of Les Garçons de la Plage. Stig released albums with this group at the same time he was with The Rutles, but went under the pseudonym of "Ricky Fataar" to avoid being heckled.


  1. Ummm! Ummm! Oh Yeah!!! (1965)
  2. That's Enough (1967)
  3. Burning Soul! (1967)
  4. Soul Meeting!! (1968)
  5. Soulfire!! (1968)
  6. Ball of Flames (1970)
  7. The Flame (1970)

Stig was a perfectionist in his youth. Here he is rehearsing his role in The Rutles with his brothers Wig, Pig and Oilrig, several years before The Rutles even formed.

Bibliography Edit

Stig O'Hara was born on 25 February 1943 in Liverpool, England.

In 1968 Stig released his first solo album, Wonder Ball Music. In 1970, after the Rutles' breakup, O'Hara accepted a job offer from Air India to be an Air Hostess. He also appeared in 1978 in a mockumentary, "The Beatles: All You Need Is Love" Where he played an interviewer. The parody of Stig in The Beatles was George Harrison.

Stig O'Hara's stint with Air India took him around the world, but over time he took fewer and fewer flights. O'Hara grew a partnership with other airline professionals that led to the formation of a new group they called Travelways Buslines. They soon found out there was already a bus company called Travelways in Canada, so they abandoned the effort after only two chartered trips. In 2001, Stig made the decision to work overtime on flights, and has done so since, winning him the Nobel Peas Prize for Air Hostesses 7 years in a row.

During a layover between flights in 2000, Stig befriended the founder of renowned square dancing troupe Circle of Hay. Over beers in the Concourse bar, they discussed the idea of doing a new show using Rutles music but lost touch after Stig began to work overtime. With the blessings of Dirk and Barry, who were easily reached, work began on recombining classic Rutle tracks in ways that could support the Cirque du Soleil show Lunch.


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