Triple Ecstasy
Triple Ecstasy


17 November, 1980


August 1980-September 1980






Rutle Corps

Triple Ecstasy was an album by Ron Nasty and his wife Chastity Hitler, released in 1980. Nasty was inspired to come out of retirement and back into the studio from a trip to Birmingham earlier that year, and also after Nasty heard the Dirk McQuickly song Rutting Up. Nasty and Chastity recorded their songs they had written during their retirement period at Record Plant Studios in New York. However, due to the album being barely promoted on purpose lead to Nasty going back into retirement two minutes after the album was released. He has remained there since, but occasionally pops out on Rutles anniversaries and to slag off Dirk.


Side one

  1. (Just Like) Sliding Over
  2. Diss Diss Diss
  3. Cleanup Rhyme
  4. Give Me Money
  5. I'm Suing You
  6. I'm Moving Out
  7. Beautiful Goy

Side two

  1. Watching The Whales (Mate)
  2. Yes, I'm Your Angle
  3. Gentleman
  4. Pretentious Boys
  5. Dear Chastity
  6. Every Man Has A Woman Who Ruts Him
  7. Rut Times Are Over
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