Untitled (as of today) is a Rutles song released on The Triangular Album. It has credit for being one of the only three Rutle songs written by drummer, Barry Wom. It created a path for Barry's solo career as well. The song was about a boy and girl who were in love, "As of today," and who werent dating yet, "As of today." It is untitled, right now at least. It is unknown whether or not it will be named.


The refrain, "As of today", gives the second half of the title. Why it isn't just called that is unknown. The reason behind the "Untitled" is because Barry couldn't come up with a clever enough title, so he just called it "Untitled" until he could come up with one. Unfortunately, the other Rutles mistook it for the real title and just labeled it like that on the album. Later reissues of the album listed it as either "Untitled" or "As of Today", although the first one is more common.